Faust’s Birthplace

Giftschrank des Doktor Faust
A highlight of the exhibition is the star-shaped cabinet found in Faust’s birthplace in the 19th century

The historic birthplace, “allwo fausten born“ (where Faust was born) is located directly next to the former Latin School, now the Faust Archive.

The “poison cabinet” of Doctor Faustus

Two exhibits were found in Faust’s birthplace that point to the alchemical and magical interests and practices of its inhabitants and can now be seen in the Faust Museum: The so-called poison cabinet of Doctor Faustus, a star-shaped cabinet made of walnut wood with inlays (earth, fire, water, air, mercury as well as the “sal” determined by Paracelsus) and a parchment note with a magical defensive spell, the Sator-Arepo formula.

The birthplace of the historical Faust has been purchased by the town of Knittlingen and, after renovation and restructuring, will be open to the public in the future: restaurants and accommodation encourage you to stay a little longer in Knittlingen before or after a visit to the museum! Allow yourself to be amazed and look forward to a visit to the Faust birthplace, the house “allwo fausten born“ – where Faust was born.

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