Faust Archive


The library of the Faust Archive and the exhibits in the permanent exhibition are made up of several collections located in Knittlingen’s former old Latin school, the Faust Archive.

Theens Collection

The Stuttgart senior engineer Karl Theens collected Faustiana over a long period of time, including various Faust versions and adaptations, specialist literature, scores and illustrations. Thus, through expertise, patience and passion, a collection was created that is characterised by unique richness and variety. The purchase of this collection prepared the ground for the foundation of the Faust Museum Knittlingen.

Aign Music Collection

The Aign Music Collection comprises what is probably one of the largest music collections on the subject of Faust. The musician and Germanist Walter Aign (1901-1977), engaged as solo répétiteur and musical assistant from 1924 to 1931 and as co-repetiteur at the Bayreuth Festival from 1952 to 1957, worked as musical director of studies at the Stuttgart Opera beginning in 1953. For several years, Walter Aign collected musical materials on the subject of Faust, including individual sheets of music, entire scores, textbooks and sound recordings. Walter Aign himself bequeathed this collection to the Faust Museum/Faust Archive in Knittlingen.

Moosmann-Böhme Collection

The so-called Moosmann-Böhme Collection was purchased by the town of Knittlingen in 2001, with the support of the Stiftung Kulturgut Baden-Württemberg, the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, as well as donations from the Enzkreis district, the Sparkasse Pforzheim bank and private individuals.

Over several decades, Peter E. Moosmann collected a wide variety of Faustiana, including more than 1,000 books, almost 700 illustrations, over 40 sculptures as well as adaptations on various media, including sound and film recordings, but also curiosities and evidence of the marketing of the Faust material, for example in advertising. Collector Peter E. Moosmann did not limit himself to publications and works of German origin and language, but collected editions and artistic adaptations in more than 15 languages.

With the help of his friend Hasso Böhme, also a collector and connoisseur of the subject, who purchased the collection, it was possible to pave its way into the Faust Museum/Faust Archive Knittlingen: Hasso Böhme sold the resulting Faust collection Moosmann-Böhme to the town of Knittlingen in 2001 – it is housed in the baroque school hall of the Faust Archive.

A catalogue published in 2008 facilitates access to the unique Faust collection and presents its wealth clearly arranged in individual sections and departments.

Collection of the Faust Museum/Faust Archive

The Faust Museum/Faust Archive Knittlingen is constantly expanding its collection, on the one hand through constant research and acquisitions. On the other hand, this institution also owes the abundance of its holdings to donations and bequests, whereby pieces that are no longer available on the market can also find their way into the collections.

The library has a computer workstation with access to the digitised catalogue of the holdings.

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