Directions to the Faust Museum


Kirchplatz 2
75438 Knittlingen
Phone 07043 / 373-453

How to get there by public transport (ÖPNV)

Bus stop in Knittlingen: ZOB / Schule Knittlingen

Bus lines going from or via Knittlingen:

Linie 143Knittlingen – Flehingen
Linie 700Bretten – Mühlacker (via Knittlingen)
Linie 706Maulbronn – Knittlingen
Linie 734 / 735Pforzheim – Knittlingen / Maulbronn

For more information, please click here:

How to find us on Google Maps
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Find charging stations for e-vehicles

For visitors who visit us with an electric vehicle, we link here to an interactive map with which you can display charging stations in our vicinity.

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