The world’s only literature and theme museum on the Faust myth – before, around and after Goethe’s “Faust”

There are many good reasons to visit the Faust Museum in Knittlingen:

You don’t know this museum yet? You are looking for an interesting excursion destination in the greater Stuttgart / Karlsruhe area? You are “studying” or currently reading Faust and would like to expand your knowledge? You are interested in alchemy? Do you need Faust knowledge for school? You are making a cultural side trip to us during an excursion in the beautiful nature around Knittlingen? Or would you like to see the completely renewed and renovated permanent exhibition on the Faust myth and the Devil’s Pact? In any case, we look forward to your visit. And, of course, children’s entertainment is also provided!

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Denis Scheck
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“A man is made …” – Lecture by Denis Scheck

Freitag, 20. Mai 2022

“If you call me Goethe, I’ll call you Schiller” – that’s one of the secret rules of the German-language literary business. Denis Scheck knows this literary business like the back of his hand, ever since he founded a literary agency at 13 and began translating literature from English. In his reading at the Faust Museum in Knittlingen, he will reveal why he included Goethe’s “Faust” in his canon of the hundred most important works of world literature and invite the audience to one of the great adventures: to follow him on Goethe’s footsteps to Italy.

Goethes “Italienische Reise” ist für die deutsche Literatur das UGoethe’s “Italian Journey” is the archetype of all travel narratives for German literature. This text continues to have an impact on the literature of our present day. But the Italian journey is also Goethe’s search for a new life, a so-called trip of self-discovery. That is what makes this travel narrative so relevant even today. Goethe was a dropout with a first-class ticket.
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Goethe Room of the Faust Museum, 2nd floor

Faust Museum – reloaded!

From the historical roots of the Faust legend in the Renaissance to the present day with FAUST:
Experience the newly designed permanent exhibition and the special exhibition Alchemy – Science or Devil’s Pact in the world’s only literature and theme museum on the Faust myth, before, around and after Goethe’s Faust with unique exhibits.
On a tour over three levels, you can expect, among other things, an alchemy laboratory, a Goethe imagination room, audio and video stations as well as child-friendly and theme-related play opportunities.

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