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Faust for Children

Faust for children – is that possible?

At the Faust Museum in Knittlingen it certainly is! On each of the three exhibition levels, there are child-friendly and themed play opportunities, from a wall memory to a Da Vinci bridge construction set, a play corner with hand puppets, to a touch screen with puppet theatre films: children of all ages will not only find something to do, but also playful access to the Faust myth.

Come with me to the Faust Museum

Titelbild Kinderbuch "Komm mit mir ins Faust-Museum"
Cover of the children’s book “Komm mit mir ins Faust-Museum”

Our publication Komm mit mir ins Faust-Museum (=Come with me to the Faust Museum) (2017), for children aged 3 to 12, takes you through the life of the historical Dr Georg Johann Faust with unique watercolour illustrations. Faust’s origins in Knittlingen, his stations in life, experiences, occupations and his spectacular journey to hell are entertainingly and colourfully narrated by his faithful friend, the king’s poodle Mephisto.

Starting from Faust’s epoch, the Renaissance, the path leads via Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to the present day and also presents Faust as a rock and film star. The expressive pictures are complemented by a child-friendly text and a chapter for colouring in and getting creative.

Komm mit mir ins Faust-Museum is suitable as a story to be read at home, for reading and reading aloud, and offers a colourful introduction to the Faustian theme for young and old alike.

The children’s book “Komm mit mir ins Faust-Museum” can be ordered online or via phone at a price of € 5.00 in the Faust Museum/Faust Archive for an additional shipping fee or purchased in the Faust Museum shop.

Author: Denise Roth
Illustrations: Eva-Maria Springer
Design: Anne Hooss

ISBN: 978-3000455056

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