Faust Archive

The Faust Archive

Since 2002, the Faust Archive has been located in Knittlingen’s former Latin School, right next to Faust’s birthplace. The original “Frühmesserhaus” was bought in 1542 to expand the Latin school. The building was destroyed by fires in 1632 and 1692, but was rebuilt and used as a school. In view of the growing number of pupils, the rooms were not sufficient and the building was in a poor condition, so that it had to be rebuilt.

However, the baroque school hall from the 18th century on the ground floor has been preserved. After decades of using the former Latin school as a home for several families at the same time, the building was carefully renovated and is now open to the public as a place to go for studies on “Faust”.

Also in the lecture hall is the renowned Moosmann-Böhme collection, an impressive compilation of different Faust designs and adaptations in literature, music, film and the visual arts, among others.

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